Introductory Questions

1. Hi! My name is Sarah Auches. I'm a junior studying Communication Design with a minor in Sociology.

2. I have a background in fine art, graphic design and basic web design. I've always been interested in web-experiences but until this past summer had not explored building websites myself. This class has been something to look forward to throughout the program as a chance to build technical skills and expand my design skills along the way.

3. I have experience in basic HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I took a few SuperHi coding courses this summer and began building sites on my own. I tried to apply these skills when building my portfolio site.

4. I hope to learn more about the process of developing websites after the initial design process and creating websites with the intention for easy, communicative navigation. I'm interested in learning more about how users engage with such spaces.

5. Designing for screen will involve an understanding of the 'space' that the web houses and projects. These web spaces feel different than print in their inherent lack of objecthood. They might feel more abstract and thus require an understanding of legibility on screen and the new boundaries/possibilities within a browser window.

6. This portfolio site of creative copywriter Erika Moriera exemplifies effective design in creating a system of project-based color palettes, yet a unified system of type and interactive effects. The typeface selection and transitions apply site-wide, creating an interesting viewing experience yet a cohesive feeling in viewing each work.

7. Somewhere Good, a family of brands dedicated the creation of spaces and worlds for Black and brown folks communicates its vibrancy and celebratory energy through its website. The unified color palette and block-based design is easy to navigate and provides an increasingly detailed understanding of the organization on scroll, starting with the mission statement and leading into its individual brand descriptions.

8. Oak Park Studio's websiteworks well in displaying the studio's vast skillset and design possibilities for clients. The minimal design and subtle transitions into each project provide an extremely easy to navigate look at the studio's work. The layout also makes for simple transition into mobile format through responsive design. The same transitions and minimal list format translates well in all browser sizes.